Christmas tree freshness depends on careful handling from when it is cut in Mid-November to when it exits the home in January.

The Grower, the Retailer and the Consumer all need to play their part.

Emerald cuts late, allows the tree to settle and fully shut down. Emerald minimises the time the tree is in the net and on the pallet. A tree cut in November would be as fresh in March if it stayed in the field.

On delivery, to maximise freshness, the retailer needs to remove the nets and store trees in a sheltered location outside prior to placing on sale.

It is essential to sprinkle stored trees with water during any dry periods. Avoid wind.

If trees are merchandised under cover ,sprinkle with water every evening.

Help the consumer keep the tree fresh by emphasising the care instruction on the label.

The Grower, Retailer and Consumer are partners in freshness from field to home and within the home.

The result is an enjoyable and problem free Christmas for everyone.