We believe you can feel good about supporting a sustainable and environmentally responsible business by choosing Emerald Group Christmas Trees.

  • Our Christmas Trees are treated as horticultural crops and planted in fields in agricultural land in rural areas bordered by old hedgerows. We do not source our trees from forests and therefore don’t contribute to deforestation and habitat loss. 
  • Christmas Tree plantations provide employment and support the local economy. They also help to keep the land as a scenic rural landscape.
  • Our Christmas Tree plantations stabilise the soil and improve biodiversity in areas where it would otherwise have declined due to intensive agricultural practices. We have a 10 year production cycle and this provides a habitat for animals, birds & insect wildlife species. 
  • At the end of the cycle for every tree that’s cut, at least one additional tree is planted.
  • Our experienced management teams only choose the best and most fertile land to grow our trees. This further reduces the minimal inputs of registered approved fertiliser and chemicals in the nutrient management planning through the crop’s lifecycle. No chemicals will be applied at least 4+ months before delivery to our customers.
  • Christmas Trees take approximately 8-12 years (from seed to harvest) to fully mature. They are constantly absorbing carbon dioxide and other gases during this time and converting it to fresh oxygen which is released back into the atmosphere. Studies have shown that *3.3 tons of carbon or 12.2 tons of CO2 are absorbed annually per hectare in a Christmas Tree plantation.
  • The harvest process is carefully planned and trees are cut late to ensure customers receive their Christmas Trees as fresh as possible. 
  • Our Transport partners are committed to the **Emissions Trading System policy to combat climate change and its key tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively.
  • Real Christmas Trees are fully biodegradable and our labelling and care instructions encourage customers to recycle in their local recycling centres.
  • We are members of all Christmas Tree Grower Groups and constantly research best practice, new ideas and new products to further improve our Sustainability agenda.

* https://christmastree.dk/en/did-you-know/nordmanns-fir-christmas-trees-bind-co2/

** https://climate.ec.europa.eu/eu-action/eu-emissions-trading-system-eu-ets_en