Handcrafted Trees


Over a 4 year period before harvest, we subtly prune,shape and nurture the trees in our fields.

By controlling height and width we help nature produce an ideal Christmas Tree for the home.

Fraser Fir

Our Trees

We specialise in growing the hugely popular Nordmann Fir , handcrafted to consumer taste. This is what makes Emerald Trees easy to sell. We also offer limited quantities of niche products such as Noble Fir,Norway Spruce, and Fraser Fir. Our Living Nordmann range is grown in containers within a specialist nursery and is superior to the field grown …

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The Growing Process-Video

Twelve years from Seed to Harvest  

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Product Grading

We offer a range to suit all price point and quality requirements. Our Emerald Nordmann and Emerald Nobilis is a Super Premium tree chosen from the cream of the crop. Our First Choice (Class 1)  range of Nordmann is the preferred choice of many Garden Centres seeking a premium product for a competitive price. Our …

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  ‘Consistently good trees. Few problems. Communication excellent’ – GC Greater Manchester   ‘They promised. They delivered. It took the fear out of Christmas trees’ GC North East   ‘When trees are graded this well, our Sales staff can  sell confidently’ Nursery Notts.   ‘If something goes wrong Emerald sorts it quickly. No fuss, just …

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