Knowledge Zone

  • Become an Expert on the Growing of Christmas Trees
  • Know how to sell a Tree as Eco-friendly and Great Value
  • Help your customer purchase the Perfect Tree for them
  • Learn to add value to each sale
  • Ensure your customer knows all the Tree Care tips

Grower secrets

  • Seed comes from Parent Trees that are decades old.
  • Seed becomes a 20cm (8 inch) plant in 4 years.
  • 2,000 plants per acre go into some of the best soils in these Islands.
  • The tree is fed extra nutrients every year.
  • Early pruning lightens the tree and makes it slimmer.
  • From Year 8 the Grower is constantly controlling shape.
  • 30-35cm annual growth from Years 8-12 creates a full Tree.

Why a real tree is great value and eco-friendly

  •  On average a tree has a life of 12 years from seed to home
  • Only the best Plants and Soils are used to grow the Trees
  •  Each tree is hand shaped by Expert Growers
  • Over 40 separate operations are carried out on each tree
  •  A Real Tree Forest is home to birds and small mammals
  •  For every tree cut a new one is planted
  •  A Tree creates Oxygen and removes harmful gases from the Air

The questions that help your customer choose the perfect tree

  •  Did you buy last year’s tree here? What was it like?
  •  Is the Tree for a House or Apartment or Outside?
  •  In which room will the Tree be placed or is it for Porch, Conservatory or Balcony?
  •  What is the size of room and height of the ceiling?
  •  Do you prefer a fuller or lighter tree, slimmer or more substantial?
  •  What is the best word to describe your perfect tree?

Your customer may need more

  •  Another tree for the kids? Outside?
  • Happy with your current stand? Does it hold enough water? The tree loves a drink.
  •  We have some good value baubles inside that would look great on that tree.
  •  We have an offer on lights. Have you tested last year’s lights? You can never have enough lights.
  •  Do you want to go have something in the restaurant while we get the tree ready for you?
  •  You’ll need a lot of presents for under that tree. Have you been to the Gift section inside.

Your customer will get the most out of their tree by reading the label and watching our video

  • Cut 2cm from base of trunk and water daily
  • Refrain from placing indoors for as long as possible
  • Do not place near radiators
  • Place tree in water-holding stand and check daily

Keep reminding the customer why the trees are so wonderful!

    • Lush Foliage
    • Strong Needles and Branches
    • Beautiful Symmetry
    • Freshly Delivered
    • Grown Specially for us
    • Same Supplier for last 10+ years
    • These islands have a great climate for growing!