We conducted a review of 200 customers and 40 other outlets within UK and Ireland post Christmas. Feedback from these sources indicate that sales across the country were broadly similar to 2017 levels.

Most sales seemed to be in early December and demand for real trees seemed to slow significantly after December 17th

Promotional offers from the discounters to drive footfall was evident. Prices of £19.99 for a 160-190cm low grade Nordmann were commonplace, but not supported by a lowering of supplier prices. This leads to the assumption that this strategy to drive footfall was at the expense of margin.

Many centres reported an increase in local pop-up sites offering their usual low grade cheap Nordmann. They didn’t really affect the sales of high quality Christmas trees. There will be a glut of poor quality Nordmann from Scotland again in 2019. Many smaller growers who failed to link into a professional supply chain will also be selling to discounters and pop-ups sellers again this year.

It appears that Brexit fears will result in some outlets sourcing more trees within the UK and the British Isles rather than from the Continent which may put some pressure on the availability of quality trees.

Sales of Norway Spruce along with poor to average quality of other varieties, have notably declined.  Our survey would indicate that fraser fir sales were disappointing.

In spite of this increased competition, most of Emerald’s customers sold the majority of their trees. This confirms that many consumers know what they want and, are willing to pay for a neat well shaped Nordmann Christmas tree.