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Promotion Ideas


There are a range of promotions you can run to stimulate demand for Real trees and related Products.


Here are a few ideas – some Wacky and some not so Wacky.

  • Every tree sold should sell some decorations- have an offer ready as you sell the tree.
  • Give £5 off a real tree if the customer buys more than £50 in decorations.
  • Give £5 off the purchase of small tree for the kids- you’ll get it back in bauble or stand sales.
  • Give 25% off the price of a real tree for each artificial tree purchase. It can help keep the fake tree purchaser coming back.
  • Give 15% off fibre optic trees for each real tree purchased.
  • Link sale of tree to New Year Sale- e.g. Buy a tree and get an extra 5% off in New Year sale.
  • Link sale of tree to money off offer on Valentine’s day flowers.
  • Provide a 20% off an Easter voucher with each tree purchase above a certain value.
  • Offer a May Day voucher with each tree.
  • Offer Mothering Sunday special % off voucher with each tree costing more than £30. Especially useful if you have a Restaurant.
  • Really Stretch it- 15% off next year’s tree.
  • 20% off bedding plants with tree purchase greater than £30.
  • 10 Highest spending gardeners get a free tree.
  • Buy two trees get ‘20% off ‘Gardening Voucher
  • Give 15% off Gardening purchases when Christmas Spend exceeds £100.
  • Offer Restaurant coffee or % off Meal voucher.
  • Offer special tree discounts to the more mature Gardeners who don’t tend to buy a Real tree.

We suggest running no more than 2 Promotions in one season.

One from 27 November till 8th December to boost early sales and one from the 15th of December onwards to mop up any unsold trees.