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In Store Display


The display of trees and information on trees is essential to create the buying atmosphere and help your staff to encourage a real tree purchase.

The Tree Display and Supporting Signage should attract customers and make it easy for them to purchase the tree that most suits their needs.

Sell the tree as an interior accessory and the focal point for three weeks of celebration.



Don’t leave your Real trees lying down or with their bottoms exposed. Stand a significant number straight and display all sizes.

Leave plenty of room for people to walk around trees and view them. This will take up less staff time.

Encourage the customer to visualise the tree in their own home. It will help avoid them choosing a tree that is too big, small, wide etc.

Consider setting up Special Areas for large homes and Apartments.

Consider an early November display of trees to brighten up the centre and encourage interest.

Use a decorated tree just inside the door & Use directional signs to the Real Tree Area. Consider putting up some trees that are ‘flocked’ or sprayed white.



Laminated Posters or Information cards can be used to emphasise positive attributes of the trees.

Sell the environmental benefits of Real trees using a ‘Circle of Life’ poster.

Emphasise replanting – say £1 of the customer spend on the tree goes to plant a new one.

Emphasise value. This tree took 12 years to grow from seed. It only costs £X for each Year’s growth.

Educate the customer and avoid complaints. Draw attention to care instructions on the label and emphasise importance of ‘treating the tree like fresh flowers’.

Use banners outside your store to attract attention.

At the artificial display use a sign to say ‘We also have beautiful real trees’ and provide directions.

At the baubles put a sign to say – ‘Hang these on a beautiful real tree’ and provide directions.


Use vibrant posters throughout the store , not just in the Real Tree Sales Area